October 22, 2015


● Shot: Meet Canada’s Prime Minister Zoolander.

● Chaser: England’s New Labour Party PR Chief Is a Soviet Apologist:

So phase two of our conspiracy, in which the Tory plotter manipulates the not-quite-radical-enough Corbyn into hiring a swivel-eyed fanatic as the party’s “executive director of strategy and communications.” Someone whose ideas are so far outside the mainstream, that the usual excuses (“I wasn’t defending the IRA! I was supporting the peace process!”) wouldn’t wash. Could we find a jug-eared revolutionary who attended an elite boarding school? A Soviet nostalgic whose father once ran the BBC?

Of course we can. And there was only one obvious candidate.

Wherever there’s an aggrieved terrorist or an undemocratic regime engaged in an existential struggle with the West, you can rely on Seumas Milne, Oxford-educated warrior for the Third World and former comment editor of The Guardian, to offer a full-throated, if slightly incoherent, defense. If your country’s constitution mandates the burning down of orphanages and the conscription of 6-year-olds in to the army, Milne will likely have your back, provided you also express a deep loathing for the United States and capitalism. So yesterday, in a signal to party moderates that he intends to burn Labour to the ground, Jeremy Corbyn appointed Milne his head of communications.

It simply has to be a Tory plot.

* * * * * * * *

Earlier in his article on Milne, Reason alumni Michael Moynihan posited:

Here’s a conspiracy theory worth considering: In a plot to wreak havoc on Britain’s Labour Party, a Conservative Party operative scanned the opposition’s parliamentary delegation, spotted the MP with the wooliest beard and wooliest sweater, and deduced that he was also likely be its wooliest thinker. Through a series of backroom deals, MP Jeremy Corbyn was elevated to the leadership of the Labour Party, effectively casting the opposition further into the political wilderness.

As Robert Conquest’s Third Law of politics states, “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”

That helps to explain the chaos that both of America’s political parties are current undergoing as well.

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