October 12, 2015


Shot: A report in the New York Post claims that Hillary Clinton could have “a serious meltdown,” as the emotional pressure of a failing campaign is causing her to have “childlike tantrums” that “leave staffers in tears.”

—Rick Moran at the PJ Tatler, yesterday.

Chaser: Hillary Clinton: “I’m Really Not Even a Human Being.”

Vanity Fair, today.

Suddenly all of those “Reboot Hillary Clinton” headlines over the past couple of years take on an entirely new perspective…

Related: David Axelrod on Hillary’s robotic nature: “She has to be very careful about not looking like she is not reading from a script…So I just think the biggest thing they have to do is filter everything they do through that authenticity lens. Because if she comes off as inauthentic, it’s going to just compound what seems to be the core problem facing her right now.”

That she’s having great difficulties passing the Turing Test?

Update: “Technically, it was still part of Spain.”

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