October 10, 2015

‘THE MARTIAN’ VS ENVIRONMENTAL DEFEATISM: “The message of this story is clear: There is nothing man can’t achieve if he is willing to ‘science the s*** out of it,’” Andrew Klavan writes:

Compare this to the ceaseless carping demands of modern environmentalism:  ”Don’t move! Don’t dig! Don’t explore! Don’t go! Don’t build! We’ll all die! Stuff will run out! People will be exploited! Air will turn solid! Heat will kill! Cold will freeze! Huddle in! Return to the earth! Go small! Die stupid!”

It’s nonsense. Our resources won’t run out because our only true resource is the bottomless human imagination and its infinite cleverness. Oil was just goo till we turned it to energy. We’ll do the same with sea water and atoms and shoelaces and whatever else we need until we reach new planets with new stuff to make into energy and go on from there.

So thanks, environmentalists! Now shut up and buzz off while we make use of the earth and explore the universe.

If only real-life NASA took the same advice – back in March, Charles Bolden, its administrator, was heard muttering to Ted Cruz, “We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy Space Center goes underwater and we don’t know it — and that’s understanding our environment.”

Wow, I thought NASA had better telemetry systems than that. But it is true, I suppose — you never know when you’re going to go sleep one night and wake up the next morning to find that Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island have suddenly gone missing. Perhaps Bolden should sell that story to Ridley Scott?

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