WHOM THE GODS DESTROY, THEY FIRST MAKE NIXONIAN: Robert Redford’s new Dan Rather biopic “Truth,” Rathergate, and George Orwell’s Minitrue, from Neo-Neocon:

…Sure, let’s base a movie about one of the most egregious journalistic errors/frameups/hitpieces ever run—which had as its aim the defeat of a president running for re-election—on the memoir of one of its self-serving perpetrators. And let’s call it “Truth.” Why not? After all, the vast majority of the young people we can reach with this revisionist “history” were kids in 2004, when it occurred. They will think that our history is the reality, our truth will become their truth. We will certainly reach far more young people than the real story, the details of which have faded into distant memory for most people, and never were heard of by the generation coming of age.

It’s been done by Hollywood many times before, most notably by Oliver Stone.

Robert Redford became a Hollywood superstar portraying a journalist who set Richard Nixon on a path towards eventual career destruction. In his twilight, he’s portraying — and defending — the television newsreader who destroyed his own broadcast career using Nixonian methods.

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