CHRIS MATTHEWS’ DOG WHISTLE? HE ACCUSES BILL KRISTOL OF BEING NEOCON PUPPET MASTER: “Matthews, as we’ve documented time and again, revels in hitting Republican politicians for ‘dog whistle’ and ‘code word’ racial pitches in political messaging. Certainly Matthews has to be aware of the not-so-subtle nature of his vicious attack on a prominent Jewish conservative thinker and how it walks like and quacks like anti-Semitism.” Also in the same post, video from earlier this year “wherein Matthews whined about pro-Israel ‘piggish money people’ and their influence on GOP politics.”

All that being said, I think John Nolte of Big Journalism is correct when he writes about Kristol’s threat to support a third party, “The old GOP Establishment hotness was demanding Trump pledge in writing to support the Republican nominee, even if it isn’t Trump. He has since done so. It now looks as though the new GOP Establishment hotness is threatening to support a third party candidate if Trump wins — the same third party maneuver the Establishment loudly and repeatedly assured would mean a Hillary Clinton victory if Trump chose that route.”

Ross Perot, call your office.