FIORINA’S FACE: TRUMP FIGHTS LIKE A LEFTIST … AND WINS, John Nolte writes at Big Journalism:

Another reason Trump’s winning is due to the Republican Establishment’s rampaging and fatal case of fecklessness when it comes to fighting back against pretty much anyone, including the billionaire businessman. Just like their limp-wristed responses to Obama and Reid, the Establishment is too busy running around crying “foul!” over a Marquis of Queensbury violation to understand that they are losing.

While Obama was hitting below the belt calling everyone racist and sexist; while he called Palin a pig; while he was rabbit punching accusing Romney of murder; while Reid was beating our guy over the head with a metal folding chair with lies about paying taxes — what were we doing?

* * * * * * *

Bill Clinton once said, “It’s better to be strong and wrong than right and weak.”

Let me put it another way: No matter how nasty and underhanded the bully fights, nobody respects a punk.

Nobody votes for punks.

People respect strength.

And the guy getting beat while he’s crybabying about the other guy not fighting fair is always the punk.

We live in a world where the media openly admires how well the Clintons lie their way out of trouble; a world where the media are too busy admiring Obama and Reid’s audacity to make either ever pay a political price for smearing others with what the entire world knows are lies.

As Nolte writes, “Trump understands that this is how the political world now works. This doesn’t mean he’ll go all the way. He may go too far. He might implode. And if he keeps up these boorish attacks against women he probably will. But up to now all he’s done is win and win and win again; defy every rule and prediction and critic to the top of the field.”

As in 2008, today’s ugly media overculture is fixated on the candidate its rules created:


UPDATE: If you want to disarm Trump, don’t attack him. Pity him instead, with a little help from Jerry Seinfeld.