HERBERT HOOVER TRUMP COULD EMERGE AS MONIKER OF DONALD THE PROTECTIONIST: “Here’s a historical fact that Donald Trump, and many voters attracted to him, may not know: The last American president who was a trade protectionist was Republican Herbert Hoover. Obviously that economic strategy didn’t turn out so well — either for the nation or the GOP,” Larry Kudlow and Steve Moore write at the New York Sun. “Does Trump aspire to be a 21st century Hoover with a modernized platform of the 1930 Smoot-Hawley tariff that helped send the American and world economy into a decade-long depression and a collapse of the banking system?”

Besides we already have a Hoover in the White House; far left Harper’s magazine compared Obama to the 31st president back in 2009, forgetting that Hoover was a fellow “Progressive” whose government-expanding policies were the prototype for the Roosevelt Administration’s further bloat, which did little but tread water and uselessly dragged out the Depression.