August 19, 2015

ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY: A group of Special Operations vets and intelligence officials have asked Sec. of State Kerry to immediately strip Hillary Clinton and her top State Department aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan of their national security clearances.

In their letter to Kerry, the group–the Special Operations Educational Fund–assert:

The reason our organization brings this matter to your attention is our belief that national security classified information was transmitted in emails by senior State Department officials that ended-up resident on the server. This belief is clearly supported by the recent actions of two independent Inspectors General (State and DNI) who have referred the matter to the Department of Justice for further investigation. !he State Department IG, General Linick, stated that emails contained classified material when generated. It is now apparent that there were breaches involving five intelligence agencies.Unfortunately, there is ample evidence that this private server was inadequately protected from foreign intelligence penetration and malicious “hacking.” Indeed, the existence of this server and its use by senior State Department officials to send and receive official emails was first disclosed publically [sic]  by a hacker from Romania.

We at OPSEC strongly believe that every email passing through the server has been compromised and is now available in the raw intelligence data files of a number of hostile security services around the world. This is a serious breach of our nation’s diplomatic, operational and strategic security.

OPSEC further states that a suspension of security clearance is “standard practice” when allegations regarding the mishandling or potential exposure of classified national security information are made, and cites the six recent examples involving Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration, Foreign Service Officer Peter Van Buren, CIA Director John Deutch, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, and General David Petraeus.

I find it hard to believe that Clinton’s (and her aides’) security clearances were not immediately suspended after the first IG report was issued, documenting that Clinton’s unsecured server contained classified information. Why on earth would individuals who have mishandled classified national security information be allowed–for even one day–to continue to have access to such information?

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