RAND SIMBERG: STOP CALLING LEFTISTS ‘LIBERALS:’ As Fred Siegel wrote last year in The Revolt Against the Masses, “Progressives” stole a huge base from laissez faire classical liberals and rebranded themselves with the L-word in the early 1920s to paper over the totalitarian and racist policies of Woodrow Wilson, and have been finding new descriptions for their ideology from time to time ever since, usually right after news of the latest leftwing disaster begins to trickle out, despite the best efforts of their operatives with bylines.

Want to have some real fun with a leftist? Follow Daniel Hannan’s recent advice in the London Telegraph, and whenever he starts railing against “trickle-down economics,” say, I agree! No more Solyndras, or Government Motors. Get government out of the crony capitalism and corporate welfare business entirely!