THE TED RALL TAPES, DIRECTOR’S CUT EDITION, as explored by Officer Jack Dunphy:

Rall’s tale of suffering at the hands of an LAPD officer prompted someone to send an email or write a memo to inquire if Rall had ever complained about the incident, and if so, what was the outcome.  When it was learned that the incident had been investigated and found to have occurred in a manner that differed in most respects from the way Rall had described in the Times, someone in the LAPD picked up a phone or walked across the street and contacted someone at the Times.  “Listen to this,” the cop probably said, “and make of it what you will.”

And at the Times, they listened, they were persuaded, and they handed Rall his cards.

“But not so fast,” say Rall and his supporters.  “The enhanced version of the tape tells a different story.”

But does it?  I’ve listened to the tape several times using high-quality Bose headphones, and I’m unable to hear some of the things Rall claims to hear.  I also note that some of the things I can hear are incorrectly transcribed.

Read the whole thing.