August 10, 2015


Whatever one thinks of Republicans and their Trump melodrama, the circus of 17 candidates is lively, full of younger faces, lots of minorities, with a full spectrum of conservative ideas. In contrast, Hillary’s implied message is: ‘give me the nomination because I will be the first woman and Bill will try to remember what he did nearly a quarter-century ago. We can’t say out loud that Obama was too leftwing, but privately you know we are winking that he was.’

I don’t think her candidacy is much more than that. Her nomination hinges on a five-hour-work day of light campaigning, doing softball interviews with preselected toadies, shaking down big green, gay, and feminist bankrollers, damning right-wing news, shrilly slurring Fox News, and hoping that she can stay on the Obama reservation and not earn an Obama administration Justice Department, David Petraeus-like indictment.

That’s about it.

But who knows? It might work.

That’s quite a Sword of Damocles that Obama has hanging over Hillary’s head. Who knows — if he actually had any respect for Joe Biden, he might be tempted to use it.

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