July 23, 2015

OH, BY THE WAY, A NEW WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM DEBUTS NEXT WEEK: “Excited about the imminent release of Windows 10? You may want to wait,” Computer World suggests, which is often good advice whenever Microsoft introduces new software. But is anyone excited about a new Windows OS? I can remember back in 1995, when Windows 95 actually seemed like a planet-changing event. (For a look back at the surprisingly pivotal year, author/journalist W. Joseph Campbell has you covered, placing the Windows launch and the early days of the World Wide Web into the context of the times, in his latest book 1995: The Year the Future Began.) These days? Meh.*

Speaking of that bygone era, the answer is none. There is none more nineties than this, a Microsoft-produced video introducing Windows 95 to the world, with Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and character actress Marilyn Pasekoff channeling the ghost of Nancy Walker:

* Unless Windows 10 contains a cute paperclip-shaped animated avatar. Then that changes everything.

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