LOOKING FOR POPULISM IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES: “There is a disturbance in American politics. But no one in the political class seems to be pinpointing the correct source,” Salena Zito writes in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Donald Trump gets all of the credit for it from journalists, pundits and academics. They could not be more wrong:”

Think about this: For two administrations, Democrats, Republicans and independents effectively have been told to hold their tongues. During the Bush administration, you were unpatriotic if you criticized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; during the Obama administration, you’re a racist if you criticize the president or his policies.

And don’t even think about expressing your values if those are outside the elite’s standard of everyone deserving equality and fairness (unless, of course, you disagree with that elitist viewpoint, in which case hatred and character destruction are your reward).

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