THE ICE AGE COMETH:  A ‘mini ice age’ is coming, and could bring freezing temperatures by 2030.

A mini ice age could hit the Earth in the 2030s, the first such event to occur since the early 1700s. New mathematical models of the Sun’s solar cycle developed at Northumbria University suggest solar activity will fall by 60 percent, causing temperatures on Earth to plummet.

The last mini ice age occurred between 1645 and 1715 and caused global temperatures to fall dramatically, with London’s River Thames freezing over during winter and sea ice extending for miles around the UK. The prolonged cold snap, known as the Maunder Minimum, was due to sunspots becoming exceedingly rare, as observed by scientists at the time.

Such periods were thought to be driven by convecting waves of fluids deep within the Sun, but new research suggests a second force — or “wave” — is at play. Two waves, operating at different layers in the Sun’s interior, are now believed to drive solar activity. When these waves are desynchronised, temperatures on Earth fall.

How long until some dimwit liberal/progressive blames this natural phenomenon on “climate change”?  After all, the moniker covers all the bases. Temperatures unusually high? Climate change! Temperatures unusually low? Climate change! Active year for hurricanes? Climate change! Unusually wet/dry year? Climate change! It is increasingly obvious–even to the liberals/progressives–that what was once called “global warming” is not going to happen, so the moniker must change to suit their desired political ends (wealth redistribution).

RELATED: The UK’s Mirror reporter wondered out loud if this new evidence would ruin all the liberal/progressive ability to manipulate gullible people with “climate change” “save us from the ravages of global warming?” and concluded, “Sadly not, according to previous research which found the cooling effect of the ice age is not enough to prevent the planet overheating.”