LEARN LIBERTY IN DC THIS SUMMER: I will be speaking at Cato University this summer in DC from July 26th-31st. My topics are:

  • Why the Declaration of Independence Was Right
  • The Modesty of Libertarianism
  • Our Republican Constitution

Other speakers include:

  • Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) will be delivering the dinner address on Wednesday, July 29 on Capitol Hill.
  • John Tierney, The New York Times
  • Amity Shlaes, Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation
  • Jeffrey Miron, Harvard University
  • Robert McDonald, United States Military Academy
  • Tom G. Palmer, Cato Institute

AVOID THE TUITION HIKE! This is your last chance to register for Cato University for only $995. This price covers all meals, receptions, lectures, materials, books, and evening events. This price will increase on June 26, so register today!