NOT SURE DE BLASIO WOULD CONSIDER THIS TO BE A BUG: New York’s Attempted Requirement That Uber App Updates Gain Regulatory Approval Will Cede Control to China: “The DeBlasio administration in New York City, through its Taxi and Limousine Commission . . . intend[s] to exercise veto rights over the technology the world uses to interact with the global ridesharing service. They require notice to the Commission every time there’s an app update.”

 “We can still review their application change after the fact,” said Allan Fromberg, TLC spokesman. “If we see a problem we can still advise them and insist that they make any necessary changes.”

Gary Leff comments:

“[U]nder this model it’s actually China that wins the regulatory war, decisions they make following a Taxi and Limousine Commission model, would dictate how the business operates and interacts with consumers and drivers. Because the biggest market is China.”