“MR. WORF, FIRE!”: The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in Star Trek ‘Next Generation’ History:

Ron Moore, Jonathan Frakes and more reveal how writing themselves into a corner for “Best of Both Worlds” changed Trek forever: “All of us were quite thrilled they had the balls to leave Picard on the Borg cube.”

I remember watching this episode in first run and my whole family going, “Whoa” after this ending. The clip still gives me chills.

And it is also very cool to see Marina Sirtis after spending four days with her on a studio set at Riverside Stages in Sylmar California filming the courtroom scenes for Inalienable: The Movie, which was written by Walter Koenig. She was a hoot to talk with, constantly wanting to engage me in political debate (as did Koenig) and dishing some behind-the-scenes Star Trek cast stories.