SECULARISTS VS. SUICIDE BOMBERS: Patrick Buchanan has an interesting piece in CSN News today, offering a commonsense explanation why, as Secretary of Defense Ash Carter recently lamented, the Iraqi forces have “no will to fight” ISIS.  Buchanan observes:

Tribe and faith. Those are the causes for which Middle Eastern men will fight. Sunni and Shiite fundamentalists will die for the faith. Persians and Arabs will fight to defend their lands, as will Kurds and Turks.

But who among the tribes of the Middle East will fight and die for the secular American values of democracy, diversity, pluralism, sexual freedom and marriage equality?

“Expel the Crusaders from our lands!” — there is a cause to die for.

Yep.  If ISIS is going to be defeated, it isn’t going to be by home-grown Iraqi forces.