IT’S ABOUT TIME:  Asian American coalition files discrimination complaint against Harvard with the DOJ.  The complaint, in part, says:

Over the last two decades, Asian-American applicants to Harvard University and other Ivy League colleges have increasingly experienced discrimination in the admissions process. Many Asian-American students who have almost perfect SAT scores, top 1% GPAs, plus significant awards or leadership positions in various extracurricular activities have been rejected by Harvard University and other Ivy League Colleges while similarly situated applicants of other races have been admitted. Because of this discrimination, it has become especially difficult for high-performing male Asian-American students to gain admission to Harvard University and other Ivy League colleges. In recently years these trends have become more and more severe.

It’s nice to see the concept of “diversity” come back to haunt the elitist higher education institutions that created this race-based cancer.

Students regularly tell me that they didn’t reveal their race, or they check the “other” box, because they’re afraid that their “whiteness” is a handicap. This isn’t true, but checking the “black/African-American” box is a huge plus in admissions, as is “Native American.” But Asians– who are consistently the most high achieving group, academically, can be hit very hard, especially in the California public university system, where there is an “abundance” of Asians and universities don’t feel they need “more” of them for diversity purposes.

Pitting groups against each other, based on their race, is a disastrous way to operate higher education (or anything else) in a pluralistic society.  But this is exactly what affirmative action does.