THE COMEBACK OF “THE COMEBACK.” I’m thrilled to see that HBO is bringing back the cancelled-after-one-season show “The Comeback.” People not understanding why that show was great made me feel so alone back in 2005.

ADDED: I felt like I was the only person who loved Lisa Kudrow but never watched an episode of “Friends.” (Except that one time when Brad Pitt was on.) Anyway, supposedly people had trouble with the way the main character (played by Kudrow) was always getting into humiliating situations — as if we’d regressed from the days when everybody loved Lucy. Or had we progressed? Conceivably, we’d boringly gotten to the point where we couldn’t laugh at a female character who couldn’t understand the situation she got herself into.

AND: This is unrelated… but would you like to see what an Entlebucher Mountain Dog puppy looks like?