CONTROVERSIALIZATION: Sharyl Attkisson’s recent portmanteau regarding the left’s strategy at dismissing Benghazi is explored by Rob Long at Ricochet, who asks, “Why has the strategy been so successful?”

The events in Benghazi seem to fit the description of a general-interest non-partisan disaster for the Administration. But, for now at least, as galling as it is, it’s hard not to give the Obama Administration (and the other villain of the tale, Hillary Clinton) points for managing the public’s reaction to the (possibly preventable) murder of a United States ambassador and the flurry of lies that followed it.

Why does this work? Or, alternatively, does it work?

My concern here is that our side tends to look at something utterly indefensible like this — “controversializing” a genuine news story — and say, “This won’t work.” Or: “This shouldn’t work.” Or: “This wouldn’t work if we all kept Tweeting about it.” But for now, at least, it’s working. Why?

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