THANKS TO GLENN for inviting a set of us intruders onto his blog. It’s always fun to get a chance to be here on the big stage, though I felt a little out of place this time, because I was an Obama voter in 2008, and though I didn’t vote for him this time, I do have at least mixed feelings, and I do think life will go on along the path my fellow citizens have chosen. We’ll never find out what would have happened on that other path. There would have been assorted troubles and set-backs. We must take the path of our beautiful democracy, within which Barack Obama will be President for 4 more years. There is much to life beyond politics, especially the crazy politics of minutely monitoring all the polls, the gaffes, and the rhetoric. Liberation lies everywhere, waiting to be discovered, in love, in art, and in all the details of the short life we’ve been granted. Look up. Look around. Pay attention. Life is beautiful and life in America is a fabulous blessing. And if you want to talk about it all, there’s always the Althouse blog, where the comments threads will spiral out, I hope, for a long long time. Come hang out with us there, if you like. And thanks, as ever, to Glenn, for his brilliant, endlessly inspirational blog.