THEY DON’T SEE IT COMING:  This Politico story is almost funny–they are scratching their progressive heads, wondering why early voting numbers are relatively even.   In their words:

Republicans claim that although Democrats are leading in early voting in most battleground states, they are simply “cannibalizing” or diluting their Election Day turnout by turning out voters who would otherwise come out on Election Day.

Senior Obama officials aggressively refute this by pointing to the number of first-time voters they have registered in battleground states. In Florida and Colorado, for example, they have registered an overwhelming number of new Latino voters, who tend to vote Democratic. (In Florida, Democrats say the bulk of the new Latino voters are Puerto Ricans, who are more likely to vote Democratic than are Cuban-Americans). In those states, the campaign has used Spanish-speaking volunteers to return repeatedly to the voters it has registered until they have mailed in their ballots or gone to the polls.

In addition, in hotly contested Ohio — where voters don’t register by party affiliation and where 1.2 million people have already voted — Obama officials point out that of the newly registered voters, 83 percent are either women, young voters or minorities — which they believe works to Obama’s advantage.

What they don’t see coming–or are choosing not to see–is the absolutely massive, crawl-over-broken-glass turnout for Romney (and against Obama) on Tuesday.

But again:  Don’t get cocky– just VOTE.