THE OBAMA DOCTRINE & SHARIA:  Middle East scholar Nonie Darwish at the Gatestone Institute explains why the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East (apology and appeasement) is doomed to fail under the terms of Sharia law.  Darwish asserts:

Obama, since his inauguration, seems to have chosen to be this kind of a peacemaker and friend of Sharia, a trap that Muslims always count on: a fantasy that goes something like, I will make the Muslims love and accept me by respecting and accepting their Sharia law, because anything less might make me seem to them a hostile, anti-Islamic enemy, worthy of slander, attacks and more terror. It is possible that Obama did not want to aggravate a war on terror, which he refused to acknowledge existed, by concluding it in Pakistan and Afghanistan by withdrawing troops, and therefore being reluctant to send any military aid to Libya, which he thought he had just liberated. After all, he was probably counting on the end of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Qaddafi to secure his legacy as the peacemaker with the Muslim world.

Obama was willing to pay a heavy price in the hope of receiving acceptance from Islamists who never have, and possibly never will, accord acceptance to any non-Muslim. The President may have thought that the best solution to win his upcoming election and appease a war-weary electorate was not to respond to Islamic terror, and cover up his failure to protect American lives by blaming his inaction as a justified response to a mob reaction to some video. Of course, such an evasion only invites an even larger attack later, which will cost even more in lives and treasure. The President may well have been hoping that at least this new assault would take place after he was safely re-elected.

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