THE MYTH OF DEPRIVATION AND INJUSTICE:   Kevin Hassett and Arpana Mathur of the American Enterprise Institute report on their new study of the consumption habits of Americans across the economic spectrum.  Their findings are contrary to the progressive myth.  Specifically, they find that consumption rates across income levels have remained relatively stable over the last several decades, and that today’s poor consume relatively more “luxury” goods– computers, air conditioning, washer/dryers, microwaves and cell phones–than in years past.  They conclude:

The data suggest the following picture. Over time, Americans have constructed a vast safety net that has adequately served the poor and helped them—as well as the middle class—to maintain significant consumption growth despite the apparent stagnation of cash incomes. The notion that a society that has accomplished such a feat is rigged or fundamentally unjust is ludicrous.

Turns out America is a pretty great place, and being poor here is not only much better than being poor elsewhere, but even better than the America of the past. Put that in your progressive pipe and smoke it.