October 18, 2012

BIG LEFTY STARS TO MAKE 9/11 TRUTHER FILM: And yet, curiously, they don’t seem at all worried that a government that they believe coolly assassinated 3000 private citizens will attack them as well*.

Not to mention that they’re also tacitly making President Obama part of the cover-up; as Mark Steyn told Hugh Hewitt in September of 2009 when Van Jones was underbussed:

We’re supposed to be the crazy guys. We’re supposed to be the ones who don’t distance ourselves from the loons. You know, we’re the…Glenn Beck is supposed to be bananas. The birther movement are supposed to be the nuts. And yet, and yet, it is somehow the reality-based community, or whatever these guys call themselves, that has managed to put a 9/11 truther two doors away from President Obama in the Oval Office. And if he really thinks that the federal government pulled off 9/11, then he’s inside the system. Why doesn’t he uncover the truth of it? He’s the green jobs czar. Presumably, in the previous administration, George W. Bush was the steel melting czar. So why doesn’t he just take a look in the filing cabinets, and expose the truth on it?

I look forward to Hollywood blowing the lid off this conspiracy as well…

* See also: previously ability to make Kennedy assassination conspiracy movies without reprisal.

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