WHAT A KNUCKLEHEAD: “First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging supporters to reach out to the ‘knuckleheads’ in their life to ask them to vote for President Obama,” Politico (I know, I know) reports today:

Speaking in Delaware, Ohio, the first lady encouraged people to cast their net wide when it comes to reminding potential supporters to vote.

“Talk to everyone you know — your friends, your neighbors, that cousin you haven’t seen in a while, that student sitting next to you in class. You know he’s kind of a knucklehead,” the first lady said. “You know the one.”

“Tap him on the shoulder. Be nice. Don’t call him a knucklehead. Not to his face. You just want to encourage him to get to the polls,” Obama said. “But tell him what’s at stake.”

Gee, you’d think this late in the game, the first lady would know not to insult potential supporters behind their backs.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time that Michelle has dropped the K-word. Recall back in August:

While appearing on the Tom Joyner morning radio program recently, First Lady Michelle Obama called undecided voters “confused” and “knuckleheads,” according to a video posted at Breitbart.com on Friday.

“All of us know that one person in our lives, right, that one knucklehead nephew that’s not registered to vote,” she said, adding to the list “that one neighbor that’s not really paying attention, or that one person in your office that’s confused about how Barack’s tax plan will benefit, um, that individual…”

“This from the woman who in her $317,000.00 dollar per year make work job, instead of helping to promote programs to assist underprivileged blacks on the south side of Chicago, launched [a] program called the South Side Health Collaborative,” a post at the Granite Grok noted.

Although she made a good argument about the importance of voting, she appeared to call undecided voters “stupid.”

“This is not the way to get votes, Mrs. Obama,” a post at the Lone Republic noted. “Using your voice to paint those who disagree with you as either stupid or ignorant will not woo undecided voters.”

The First Lady also played the class warfare card, saying the race is between grassroots Democrats and a handful of rich Republicans.

“And in this election, we’re gonna be making a choice about how we want our democracy run. You know, do we want our president selected by people rolling their sleeves up, knocking on doors, or are we gonna hand it over to a couple of people who write big checks?” she asked, apparently forgetting about the big checks written by Hollywood celebrities.

Not to mention Wall Street in ’08, General Electric-NBC-MSNBC, Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, Government Motors, etc.

Another Politico article today begins, “Mitt Romney is finally getting his Sally Field moment: They like him. At least more than they used to.” Curious though, that the Obama administration, in the last weeks of the election, are making the contrast between the two camps even sharper, allowing voters to simply compare the likability of Romney and Ryan with the boorish and condescending behavior of the president, his vice-president, and sadly, the first lady, all of which has been prominently on display this month.