TONIGHT’S DEBATE MODERATOR RADDATZ HAS A HISTORY OF COMPLAINTS:  According to Joel Pollack at Breitbart, the VP debate moderator, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, was widely criticized for her performance as the moderator of a 1990 Massachusetts gubernatorial race.  Reports Pollack:

In the days that followed, Raddatz–then known as Martha Bradlee, after her first marriage to fellow reporter Ben Bradlee, Jr.–came under intense criticism from the League of Women Voters for what they called “irrelevant,” personal questions.

During the debate, candidates Francis X. Bellotti and John R. Silber were asked, among other things, what they do when they see a homeless person, asked to describe their personal driving records, to comment on their prior knowledge of Kitty Dukakis’ problems with drugs and alcohol and to itemize the value of their real estate holdings,” reported Renee Loth of the Boston Globe at the time [1].

The League of Women Voters complained that Raddatz’s questions produced “no insight into the programs or policies of the candidates.”

A Democratic consultant agreed: “I don’t mind saying on the record that this was a crop of absolutely ridiculous, frivolous questions that were designed to call attention to the questioner,” i.e. to Raddatz.

Should be entertaining!