LIAR, LIAR, CAMPAIGN ON FIRE:  Dan Henninger has a great column in the Wall Street Journal today exposing the ubiquity of the Obama campaigns hurling of the “L” word— and we ain’t talking love here–at Mitt Romney.  Observes Henninger:

The L-word’s strength is directly proportional to the rarity and appropriateness of its use. Today in our politics it is as skuzzily routine as the F-bomb has become among 15-year-old girls on the New York City subways. This is not progress.

It will be interesting which variation of “lie”—if any—comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth in his debate with Paul Ryan. Mr. Biden comes from a political generation that could play rough, but it knew the limits of going too low at the presidential level. Or used to.

Can you say “Commander in Sleaze”?