October 10, 2012

EXCEPT NOBODY DIED AT WATERGATE: Jennifer Rubin on Watergate Redux — “In hearing, the Libya scandal boils over:”

So where is the president? He’s not come forward to explain any of this, although his vice president will be on the hot seat at the debate tomorrow night. After all, Jay Carney’s dissembling, Susan Rice’s misleading TV appearances, and the president’s own assertions, including his Setpember 25 speech to the UN (“a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world”) have left an evidence trail a mile wide.

Whether incompetent or dishonest or a combination of the two, Obama needs to face the American people and be held accountable. And the media, both reporters and pundits, who have tried studiously to downplay or ignore a scandal that in a GOP administration would be compared to Watergate, have their chance to show they are more than apologists for a president whose stature is shrinking by the minute.

Rubin writes for the Washington Post. If only that paper had some experience in exposing presidential scandals…

(Well, Democratic scandals at least.)

UPDATE: Video: Mother of State Dep’t worker killed in Benghazi begs White House to stop stonewalling her.

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