ROOTING FOR INJURIES: Bill Maher and Newsweek’s Tina Brown have Twitter tiff over Newsweek “Heaven is Real” cover.

Speaking of which, on Sunday, I linked here at Instapundit to Tina’s latest cover, and the 1966 Time magazine cover that bookended it, which asked, “Is God Dead?” At Power Line, Steve Hayward mentions another Time magazine cover story, this one from 1989, that squares the circle:

As Steve writes, “I went back and read the two Time ‘death’ stories side-by-side, and recognized that since government is, for liberals, the secular substitute for God, these were essentially the same story.”

Heh, indeed.™ Or as Ace writes, regarding the left’s post-debate meltdown:

But it is much, much more the fault of people who pride themselves on being skeptical realists who permitted their minds to run to the magical and to the (frankly, blasphemously) religious.

I hate to defend Obama at all, but I have to say to his Religious Zealot supporters: This is your shit. This is your deeply weird, Great Man on a White Horse worshipping psychological hangup.

One of the most wonderful things which will come with a Romney presidency is that Romney will finally, once again, separate Church and State. The president, finally, will just be a man. Not a perfect man. Not a prefigurement of Jesus. Not a prophet and not a savoir.

Just a man. A good man, and a smart man. But ultimately just a man.

The fusion of religion and politics has in fact been every bit as deleterious as the liberals always warned us.

It’s just that they were the ones who actually fused God and President.

Which dovetails perfectly into the theme of Noemie Emery’s latest column in the Washington Examiner.