JIM LEHRER THINKS HE DID A FINE JOB MODERATING THE DEBATE. He’s kind of saying I meant to do that: “The moderator should be seen little and heard even less.” But he claims that’s what he’s “always said,” so I’ll believe him. He says he’s glad he “finally I had a chance to demonstrate it.” If that’s a good idea, why not more of it? Sit the 2 men down at a table for 2 hours and see what happens. I’ve seen it done. The moderating effects of no moderator may be greater than anything a real moderator would do. I like that Obama and Romney together spontaneously created the no-moderator effect. It’s a general thought experiment of mine: Start with the premise of nothing. What is better than nothing? Consider the possibility that better than nothing is a high standard. Please perform that thought experiment on all your decisions. Especially if you work for the government.