OBAMA’S CHANNELING OF AL SHARPTON IS “OLD NEWS” TO PROGRESSIVES:   Progressives and liberals in the mainstream media are scrambling to dismiss the significance of the video released yesterday by the Daily Caller, showing then-candidate Obama channeling his inner Al Sharpton.  James Rainey at the LA Times concludes:

With the release of the video this week, some of Obama’s familiar enemies want to relitigate his old relationships. They want to reopen the question of whether the president is someone Americans really don’t know. Maybe voters can’t wait for a second trial on the president’s sentiments on race. But it’s more likely the only ones who will be listening will be the ones who already condemned him the first time around.

As I stated in an earlier post, this is a revelation to many people who voted for Obama because they thought (wrongly, as it turned out) he represented a post-racial America. It is most emphatically not merely the ones who “already condemned him the first time around.”  People wanted hope and change— many of them have now lost hope and realize the “change” Obama wants apparently applies only to white folks, whom he sees as fundamentally racist.  This is not the post-racial man that most well meaning Americans thought they voted for.