REVENGE, OBAMA STYLE:  Casino magnate and Romney-backer Sheldon Adelson’s wife has an op-ed in the Daily Caller today in which she goes on the offense against the Obama Administration (whose DOJ is investigating her husband for bribery and money laundering) and mainstream media:

Those who currently chase after my family, who demonize us for our political positions, are acting on motives contrary to American values. And those in the media who are collaborating with these people are also acting from the same wrong political motives. Indeed, they are feeding it with a media double standard — allowing for Democrats what is forbidden to Republicans.

Adelson has a legitimate point about media bias in favor of team Obama.  Just consider the nasty hit job of the Huffington Post on Adelson yesterday, the headline of which was “Sheldon Adelson: Investigation Into His Casinos by Justice Department is Top Reason for Backing Romney,” and then went on to conclude, “Beyond the potential for a friendlier hearing from federal prosecutors, Adelson stands to be on the fun end of a $2 billion tax cut if Romney wins as well.”

Yeah, Huff Post– I’m sure that’s it:  Adelson couldn’t possibly support Romney for other reasons, like the state of the economy or maybe the fact that Romney doesn’t have a history of bullying opponents who exercise their First Amendment rights.