“VICTORIA BECKHAM WEARS A GREAT, REALLY FIRST CLASS [CUT] , and her friend Katie Holmes. They’re the two best cuts around now. There’s just too much long, hanging hair that hides the bone structure, and hides a beautiful neck and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.” Vidal Sassoon, seeing latter day reformulations of the truly genius cuts he did in the 1960s. What did he say to clients who hated that iconic five-point haircut of his?

“It’ll grow darling, come back as our guest.” Actually I [angered] my very best friend, Georgia Brown, who was a wonderful singer and actress, she originated the role of Nancy in Lionel Bart’s “Oliver.” I cut her hair for an opening night and she said, “You’ve ruined my career,” and left the salon screaming and crying. But I knew it looked good [laughs]. She called me back the following morning and said, “I’m sorry, Vidal, everybody loved it.”

Yes, everybody loved what was the most brilliant haircut idea… ever.