May 9, 2012

FOR EVERY PROBLEM, THERE’S A SOLUTION!:  Governing through the eyes of progressives: An overview

Problem (Americans are….)/Progressive Solution:

Too fat?  Ban bake sales and junk food; mandate broccoli

Too ignorant?  Censor journalists; control the curriculum

Too rich?  Tax the greedy bastards

Too white?  Favor non-whites whenever possible

Too individualistic?  Encourage dependency

Too uninsured?  Mandate health insurance

Too carbon-y?   Ban incandescent lightbulbs; loan billions to friends who start “green” companies; cap and trade; demonize energy consumption

Too unemployed?  Raise taxes to pay for temporary government jobs; discount jobless numbers by excluding those who have given up on finding a job

Too American?     Cede U.S. sovereignty to supra-national U.N. bodies whenever possible; use international and foreign law when interpreting the U.S. Constitution

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