AT LEAST SOME PART OF THE ECONOMY IS GROWING: GUN SALES:  Guns sales are up– way up.  Women, in particular, are arming up like never before. Yes, it has something to do with the Obama Administration’s frankly scary totalitarian tendencies.  And yes, it also has something to do with the raw freedom that comes from a pair of Supreme Court decisions, Heller v. District of Columbia (US 2008) and McDonald v. City of Chicago (US 2010), that had the chutzpah, after over 210 years post-ratification, to finally declare that the people, indeed, have a right to keep and bear arms.

Oh, but of course the Obama Administration supports the Second Amendment, too– at least for Fast &Furious Mexican drug smugglers. House Republicans considering contempt charges against AG Eric Holder, now joined by several Democrat colleagues, are just playing politics with guns.  Defending the rule of law has nothing to do with it–unless you are one of those naive types who thinks the rule of law still matters.