MOURDOCK VICTORY=TEA PARTY VICTORY:  There’s little doubt that tea party support propelled Richard Mourdock  to a 20 percentage point victory (60-40) over 30-year incumbent Republican Senator Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican primary today.   As reported by CBS News, “His message was amplified by the Tea Party-aligned FreedomWorks, which held ‘activist training’ sessions and made phone calls on Mourdock’s behalf, and the super PAC Club for Growth, which spent more than $1.4 million on the race. (Lugar’s campaign, which had spent $6.7 million on the race as of April, did significantly outspend Mourdock’s, which had spent $2 million as of April.)”  It also demonstrates that money does not always = victory.  Money may talk, but the people, as individuals, speak louder. And right now, politically speaking, the Tea Party seems to be a bullhorn, amplifying deep and abiding concerns of the American electorate.