THE GREAT BOOKS ACCORDING TO ME:  Guatemala: Eterna Primavera, Eterna Tirania, by Jean-Marie Simon.  My Beloved Wife, as it happens, who spent nearly ten years as a war photographer and journalist in the 1980s Guatemalan civil war.  WW Norton brought out her photo book on the war in Guatemala in 1988, and this is the first version in Spanish, published last year in Guatemala, with new printings of the photos and a newly revised text.  You don’t need to read Spanish to get the photos; they document a brutal civil war, both in the urban areas and out in the countryside, with the army and with the guerrillas.  But strikingly, with the passage of time, these photos have also become a rare collection of photographs of ordinary life in Guatemala during the 1980s, quite apart from the war; urban and rural settings that no longer exist or have been greatly altered.