PRAY FOR HUCKABEE?: “ — a new website that Huckabee promoted on Wednesday through his official Facebook page — features a personal message from the 2008 Iowa caucuses winner as he mulls another White House bid.” Let’s just say I have some doubts that God appreciates being co-opted into anyone’s Presidential bid. And if He wants my advice, He will smite Huckabee’s presumption … by causing that the FEC shall inquire as to the monetized value of Divine intervention as a campaign contribution, even if in the form of an aw-shucks plea for Divine “guidance.” Unless, of course, Huckabee can produce a notarized affidavit that God has not coordinated with Huckabee’s campaign.

Update: I offer a biting (i.e., generated considerable hate mail) consideration of Huckabee and Romney on religion in the public square, but also what I think is an important argument over what should be in, and what should be out, concerning the religious views of candidates for public office.  From the Weekly Standard from the 2008 primaries, Mormons, Muslims, and Multiculturalism.