UK ADVOCACY GROUP PROPOSES TO SUE PREDATOR DRONE OPERATORS: Robert Chesney at Lawfare describes the UK group Reprieve’s plans to sue drone operators in a campaign of public advocacy.  As with most of these advocacy campaigns, the point is not to win cases, but to create a public narrative that says the practice is unsavory and illegitimate, and leverage that into personal legal uncertainty for officials, whether in office or once they leave government.  I sound like a broken record on this, but the US government has a remarkable record of allowing others to set the narratives and then discovering that even the US government can get trapped by them.  Drone strikes are the thin tactical tip of certain forms of conflict, particularly in intelligence-driven uses of force, and they will be President Obama’s signature contribution to the art of war.  They are vastly more discriminating than other technologies and sparing of civilians, and it would be a terrible thing if they were derailed because the CIA, DOD, DOS, and the rest of the US government failed to develop its own public narrative.