November 2, 2010

PAUL KANJORSKI LOSES IN PENNSYLVANIA: As I posted a little while ago in the election night round-up on the PJ Media Website, the Daily Caller reports, “Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski lost to his Republican challenger in Pennsylvania. Kanjorski held the seat for 26 years.”

Kanjorski had become increasingly gaffetastic in recent years, leading to this classic YouTube moment in which he admitted that in “the temptation to want to win back the Congress,” his party “sort of stretched the facts” in 2006:

[youtube Nc5lHXkrdQ8]

And then there was the quote from the middle of 2008 in which he was promising that Democrats would dust-off ancient and sclerotic New Deal-era programs if they won the presidency, months before the economy seriously tanked in the fall of that year.

(Incidentally, a big thanks to the Professor for inviting me to sit in on election night.)

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