DEFENDING AGAINST REPUTATION DEFENDER. If you followed the AutoAdmit controversy — see this WaPo article — you should check out this response from Jarret Cohen of AutoAdmit. Where do I stand on AutoAdmit (a website where law students and prospective law students sometimes talk raunchily about particular individuals)? Well, my original response to the WaPo article was somewhat supportive in the face of what I thought were demands for too much repression, but then I Googled "althouse autoadmit" to find my old post for that link, and check out what came up first. Now, I’ve got to laugh and say yes, this is life here on the internet, but I’m old and I have tenure. I really do see how something like this can disturb a young woman who’s in the job market, though I still don’t think law firm partners are dumb enough to take obvious junk like this seriously in hiring decisions. (And given this attitude, I couldn’t get too steamed when feminist bloggers railed about my failure to exhibit proper deference to the fears and feelings of women.) If you want to talk about all this, come over to my blog, where I’ll set up a post with comments.