He went with “The Riches” instead [of “24”], partly because he sees himself as a sunnier actor than “24” demanded. An actor must know if can be believably sinister, he says.

“I did a film with John Malkovich,” he says of “Shadow of the Vampire.” “If John says, ‘Come and have a cup of tea,’ you do think John has just murdered his family. He has that interesting feel, like, ‘John, what have you done?’

“And I have that light thing, a more positive, upbeat thing.”

I love Eddie Izzard! I have all his concert DVDs. Lately, I find I can barely force myself to watch television. Silly behavior, I know. Why would you try to force yourself to watch television? But I am going to… set the TiVo for this. Setting the TiVo these days reminds me of the way I used to Xerox law review articles. Xeroxing ≠ consuming. I kept magical-thinking it would. Ditto TiVo.