“I’M GIVING SOME THOUGHT TO IT. GOING TO LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN.” Fred Thompson certainly looked like a presidential candidate to me, just now on Fox News Sunday.

THOMPSON: I want to see how my colleagues who are on the campaign trail do now, what they say, what they emphasize, what they’re addressing, and how successful they are in doing that, and whether or not they can carry the ball in next November, and mainly whether or not they can reach the American people, inspire the American people to do the tough things that we’re going to need to do.

CHRIS WALLACE: And if you search your soul and if you listen to what they’re all saying and it doesn’t seem to you that they’re catching on, making sense — whatever — then what?

THOMPSON: Well, I’m going to give it serious consideration.

Translation: Yes!

UPDATE: Here‘s the video. If it seems hard to play, try fiddling with the buttons. (More Althousian tech advice.)

ANOTHER VIDEO: Here‘s some more video. It works better — and covers a different part of the show.