HI, TOM. I’m glad to see you’re here early, which is early early this Daylight Savings morning. I thought my Cingular cell phone was the best bet for getting the real time when I got up this morning, but — unlike my computer — it didn’t register the spring forward. Hello, Instapundit readers. I hope, with enough of us blogging in concert, we can serve up juicy nuggets at a Reynoldsian rate. And thanks to Glenn for letting me back in over here. The last time I did it, in August, I was also driving from Madison, Wisconsin to California and back — and counting on Holiday Inn Express to supply the internet connection. It was a bit insane. I’ll be more grounded this time. At least physically.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I’m giving tech advice, but turning the cell phone off and back on got it to spring forward.