December 15, 2009

SO I’M DOING AN FCC PANEL on their Open Internet proposals (I think you can stream it at the link), and my take is that I’m for it in principle, but wary in practice. Here’s a copy of my prepared statement, for those who are interested. Note the cautionary observations at the end. Ironically, I’m connecting via an outdated ISDN setup, which supports my point about regulators being stuck behind the technology curve, I guess . . . .

Reynolds FCC Statement On Open Internet

UPDATE: Okay, now the ISDN isn’t working . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Success! Not sure when I’ll be on, though.

MORE: Okay, they brought me on and the audio didn’t work. [Silenced by the FCC! — ed. Well, not deliberately, I’m pretty sure.] Trying again in a bit.

FINALLY: Okay, it all worked out in the end; just a few bugs along the way. I gotta say, ISDN felt so 1990s — iChat or SkypeHQ would have been so much better. And easier.

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