March 8, 2009

LOTS MORE TEA PARTY PROTEST NEWS rounded up here. Meanwhile, Tom Blumer complains of insufficient media coverage.

I suppose he’s got a point, but these protests are being well-covered in local media around the country. In terms of influencing Congress, I’d rather have a few hundred people march in each district than have a hundred thousand march in Washington, DC, even if the latter got a lot of coverage. Believe me, Green Bay congressman Steve Kagen knows there are people in his district who are upset, now. Getting 1,200 people who don’t usually protest to turn out and march on a Congressional office makes a point.

Meanwhile, here’s a blog report from Green Bay. And some more pictures.

UPDATE: Robert McManus emails: “How long . . . before the tea parties become yet another manifestation of America’s indelible racism? they seem to be getting a little traction, so it can’t be long.”

I don’t know. Let’s ask her:

ANOTHER UPDATE: Some readers suspect that this is just a lame excuse to include a protest-babe pic. They are, of course, entirely correct . . . .

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