February 9, 2009

IT DOES SEEM THAT WAY: Tax mistakes common, especially for privileged.

Ask yourself this: If you had tax issues nudging through six figures, is there any doubt the IRS would be bursting down your door? If you are struggling with this, the answer is no.

Yet the powerful and famous can apparently slide through the cracks so long as they are not up for a cabinet post. This could be an answer to the national debt. Nominate everyone in government for something or other and they will all scramble to make overdue payments.

It’s the old “the rules don’t apply to me” mantra that seems to infect anyone who comes within spitting distance of power. We’re in the odd position of being asked to praise people who “voluntarily remember” that they may have skipped out on a tax or two.

Praise is asking a bit much.

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