December 23, 2008

EDUCATION PROBLEMS in Newton County, Georgia. “Tosha Ford says six Newton County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputies came to her home and took her 10-year-old son Alandis to jail where he was booked on charges of possessing a weapon on school property and terroristic threats and acts. The ‘weapon’ was a toy cap gun he took to school one morning.”

UPDATE: Reader C.J. Burch writes: “I am 45 years old. I swear to God when we went to High School in the fall most of the guys in my class would get up at four in the morning go deer hunting. hang their thirty-thirty in the back of their truck and drive to school. Leave the gun in the truck all day then get back in the truck and drive home when school was over. Was that against the rules? Probably. did anyone care? No. What the Hell has happened? Is it too many female teachers? What?”

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